Rebenet 2-Day Trip to QingYuan

Dec 22, 2021

2021 is a very busy year for all of Rebenet staffs.

Considering that our colleagues can take a good break from work, we organized a 2-day trip to Qingyuan from 20th Dec - 21st Dec.

Qingyuan city is close to Guangzhou. It needs only one hour to Qingquan from our company. Our first stop was Small Beijiang River. We took a cruise ship along the river, enjoyed the mountains and rivers while tasting a fisherman’s feast.

The second stop was Zhanyun Resort Hotel. Colleagues can go to soak in hot springs, or just stay in hotel for rest, and then we had a rich and delicious buffet dinner.

It was really a relaxed and happy vacation and had brought colleagues closer than ever.

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