What Is A Salamander Broiler?

Mar 19, 2022

What Is A Salamander Broiler?

The Salamander Broiler is also called Salamander Grill or Cheese Melter which can be located on a countertop or mounted on a wall above a range. It features an upper heater or infrared ceramic burners for giving heat downward onto food.  It can be used to broil steaks, fishes, melt cheese or crisp up the top of dishes.

Salamander Broiler

Many people think that salamander broiler and cheese melter are same equipment, though the designs of them look similar, actually they are two different piece of equipment. It is true that a salamander broiler can melt cheese. But there is a distinct piece of equipment called a cheese melter that is quite a bit different.

The biggest difference between a salamander broiler and a cheese melter is the heat output. A salamander can produce significantly more heat than the standard cheese melter. It can achieve broiling temperatures much higher than even a typical oven. This means that a salamander can be used to cook foods like broiling steaks or cooking casseroles etc, rather than just warm them up.

So while a salamander broiler can certainly melt cheese, it can do much more. But cheese melters are also versatile. Many restaurants use cheese melters to keep food warm on the plate while waiting to be served.

Cheese Melter
How does a Salamander Broiler work?

The salamander broiler provides both heat and control within a smaller area. Its power comes from upper heaters or infrared ceramic burners. Adjusting the cooking grid distance from the heat source with an external lever, you will have different temperature to cook food or just brown the food or melt cheese.

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